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Freelancers, agencies, and remote teams. Businesses may have changed how they work, but the tools they use haven’t kept up. Newsio changes that.

Newsio is a platform for internal communication designed to facilitate these demands of modern businesses. Customers around the world use Newsio for instant messaging, employee advocacy, and social intranet, keeping their team more connected and productive than ever before.


Thomas Heltborg Juul at Newsio

Thomas Heltborg Juul

CEO & Co-Founder

Sillas Poulsen at Newsio

Sillas Poulsen

COO & Co-Founder

Halldór Gunnarsson at Newsio

Halldór Gunnarsson


Henrik Cullen at Newsio

Henrik Cullen

Head of Product

Mads Pelt at Newsio

Mads Pelt


James Brooking at Newsio

James Brooking


Ignas Bagdonas at Newsio

Ignas Bagdonas


Martynas Jankauskas at Newsio

Martynas Jankauskas


Sacha Bastian at Newsio

Sacha Bastian

Customer Support


Michael Hansen on the board of Newsio

Michael Hansen


Co-Founder, Issuu

Steffen Frølund on the bord of Newsio

Steffen Frølund

Managing Director, Rainmaking Innovation

Alexander Horton on the bord of Newsio

Alexander Horton

Investment Manager, Seed Capital

Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht on the board of Newsio

Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht

CMO of SimpleSite


Seier Capital

Seier Capital

Per Møller

Per Møller

Seed Capital

Seed Capital


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