Volvo donates XC40 Recharge to FDNY to practice post-accident BEV safety


Volvo Car USA recently visited the FDNY in Mahwah, New Jersey, to donate a fully electric XC40 Recharge to the department for post-accident safety training. While first responders like the FDNY are no strangers to helping safely remove citizens from damaged vehicles, BEVs present new safety measures to be aware of to keep both EV passengers and firefighters safe.

Volvo is a global automaker taking big steps toward electrification and carbon neutrality across its different marques and production processes. This past May, we reported the automaker had achieved its first carbon neutral car plant in Sweden, with plans to be completely climate neutral by 2040.

Part of this climate goal includes having half of its global vehicle sales become electric by 2025 and strictly selling EVs by 2030. This includes the XC40 Recharge, a fully electric version of its previous ICE model by the same name that debuted in 2018. Volvo released a hybrid version in 2019, followed by the fully electric version in 2020.

The electric XC40 has been followed by other BEVs, including the C40 Recharge and an upcoming electrified version of the XC90 SUV.

While the automaker has been noted for its foresight on an electric future, Volvo Group also has a long running reputation of prioritizing safety during its nearly 100-year run.

To combine both these worlds, Volvo is now supporting first responders like the FDNY in educating themselves on the new safety measures to consider when working around an EV post-collision.

Volvo FDNY
Firefighters look on at the new XC40 Recharge donated to them / Source: Volvo USA

Volvo’s XC40 Recharge will help FDNY practice safe BEV extrication

In a recent press release from Volvo Car USA, the automaker shared news that it has donated a new pure electric XC40 Recharge to the FDNY. The BEV will be used as an educational tool for the fire department to practice new extrication measures and protocols to ensure passengers and first responders stay safe.

While fire departments like the FDNY have plenty of experience with ICE vehicle accidents, BEVs like the Volvo contain a large battery and high voltage wiring that may require first responders to change where they usually attempt to cut into a vehicle.

Furthermore, the XC40 recharge in particular is built with ultra-high-strength steel and requires alternative extrication processes compared to other vehicles. Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro spoke about the donation from Volvo:

With the number of electric vehicles on the road growing each day, it’s critical that FDNY members have the ability to train on extrications, fires, and other potential incidents involving them. Thanks to the FDNY Foundation’s support and this generous donation from Volvo Cars, our members will be even better trained and more prepared to respond to these incidents and continue to bravely protect New Yorkers.

Looking ahead, the FDNY will continue to use the donated Volvo XC40 Recharge to update its training procedures for first responders, so they are prepared to quickly and safely remove passengers, no matter what vehicle they are in.

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