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Just because we’re still a week away from Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t already save big on a new electric bicycle. That’s because most of the e-bike companies have jumped the gun this year in an attempt to beat each other to the punch. And when they fight over us, we win. Case in point: All of these awesome e-bike deals (and some e-scooter deals, too) are already live and running!

This list will be constantly updated in the days leading up to and through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So be sure to check back for the revolving list of new electric bike sales!

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes started early with its Black Friday campaign in late October.

One of the highlights of the Seattle-based e-bike company’s ongoing sale is that you can pick up a RadRover 6 Plus for a $500 discount. That’s a great off-road and trail bike for exploring outside of the freshly paved path. There’s also a $300 discount on the RadCity 5 Plus, which would make a great commuter bike when you’re sticking to the asphalt.

The RadRover 6 Plus is one of Rad’s newest e-bikes and introduced a number of novel features for the brand, including dual digital displays and upgraded hydraulic disc brakes.

The RadExpand 5 is also on sale for $100 off, which makes the new folding utility bike even more accessible to riders.

rad power bikes

Lectric eBikes

Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes recently launched a highly upgraded version of its best-selling electric bike: the Lectric XP 3.0.

This folding e-bike is one of the best bang-for-your-buck electric bikes on the market right now, hands down. It offers speeds of up to 28 mph (though comes programmed for 20 mph out of the box, with the user able to unlock the higher speed via the on-board display). There are two battery options available for extra range, and the bike even includes a new motor and expanded rear rack for carrying a second rider.

The Lectric XP 3.0 carries an MSRP of $1,099, but is currently on sale for $999. That sale includes a bundle of free parts, such as a free lock, headlight upgrade, bigger and more comfortable seat, and a suspension seat post.

The cargo package and the passenger package are both marked down as well, so here’s a great chance to add those to your order if you want to save some big bucks.

It’s also a good time to check out the Lectric XP Lite as well, which is priced at just $799 and includes a number of extra accessories for free as part of the Black Friday Bundle.

Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes has some awesome deals running already on nearly every bike the company makes. It’s worth checking out the sales page to see what might interest you.

Some of the showstoppers include the popular RipRacer e-bike being marked down to a mere $999 and the HyperScorpion marked down to just $1,999. Both of those deals save you hundreds of dollars on some high-performance electric bikes.

Juiced is known for making e-bikes with higher power levels for more entertaining rides, and both of these bikes are guaranteed to bring a huge smile to your face. Have fun picking the bugs out of your teeth!


Ride1Up has plenty of e-bike sales going on across almost its entire line of urban electric bicycles. You can check out the entire list here.

But if you’re looking for some of the best deals, you should check out the $250 off the 500 Series offer, which brings the bike down to $1,145, and $400 off the Ride1Up LMT’D, which brings that model down to $1,495.

Saving $250 on the now $895 Roadster V2 is also a steal of deal, as is the $250 discount on the $945 Core 5.

And if you want a fast yet comfortable cruiser-style electric bike that can carry a second rider, don’t overlook the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser, which is on sale for $350 off, bringing the price down to $1,245.

We’ve reviewed nearly every e-bike in Ride1Up’s lineup, and the company’s overarching theme is quality, high-performance urban electric bikes for several hundred dollars less than you’d expect to find at pretty much any other major retailer.

ride1up cafe cruiser electric bike


Biktrix has sales of up to $1,000 off some of the company’s popular electric bikes.

This Canadian electric bike company has proven popular across North America for a series of commuter and fat tire electric bikes.

With both budget-minded hub motor e-bikes and more powerful mid-drive options, Biktrix has an e-bike for just about everyone.


Aventon’s OG e-bikes are currently having a $300 off sale as part of the company’s Early Black Friday festivities. The Aventon Level V1 is marked down to just $1,499 (compared to the next-gen model at $1,949).

The Aventon Soltera now starts at just $999 for the single-speed version, which is a great way to get a high-quality commuter e-bike for a song.

We’ve long been impressed with the build quality of Aventon’s e-bikes. While they’ve added some awesome features such as frame-integrated lighting and new app support to most of their bikes, the OG models are still every bit as good as we found them to be when we first reviewed them, and they can save you some serious cash.


Another lightweight and awesome-riding folding e-bike is made by Carbo, which has a $500 off deal with free shipping going on now for Black Friday.

Electrek’s own Seth Weintraub tested an earlier model of the Carbo and came away impressed with the bike’s performance, especially considering its lightweight package.

While many e-bikes these days tend to look like cookie-cutter versions of each other, Carbo has innovated with their own unique design that is immediately apparent when you hop on the bike.


Himiway has a number of sales that take between $200 to $300 off many of the company’s popular fat tire electric bikes.

My wife and I just tested out the Himiway Big Dog, which is a moderate-sized cargo bike (though I’d call it more of a utility bike) and found it to be a fun bike for cruising trails and gravel roads. The big rear rack makes it perfect for carrying gear with you too. We’ve got a full review of that bike coming in the next few days.

Be sure to check out some of the company’s other models too from fat tire adventure bikes to speedy moped-style bikes.


ModBikes is running a big bundle sale that can save you some serious money on accessories and even a big e-bike rack for hauling your favorite ride on your car.

Buying one bike gets you the company’s Essentials Bundle that includes a rack bag, lock, phone holder, and more. But if you buy two e-bikes, you get two bundles plus a free Hollywood electric bike rack, which we recently reviewed.

ModBikes has a pile of interesting electric bikes to choose from, though my favorite by far is the Mod Easy Sidecar that makes it a snap to carry kids, dogs, or cargo along with you for a three-wheeled adventure.


I absolutely love this hilarious little electric micro-bike.

Technically it’s more of a scooter, but it rides and feels like a throttle-enabled electric bike due to the larger 20″ bicycle wheels and the bike-style handlebars/saddle.

Not only is this fun little 20 mph runabout priced at just $999, but the company’s Black Friday bundle also includes a spare battery and a cargo box for free!


Propella’s electric bikes are easily recognizable thanks to their iconic blue on black color scheme, narrower commuter wheels and lightweight designs.

The company is offering huge sales that are taking as much as $300 off their already low-priced e-bikes.

The $799 deal for the Propella 4.0 SS or Propella Mini are awesome deals that offer those high value e-bikes at prices we’ve never seen before. Snatch these up while the prices are this good!

propella 9s pro

Blix Bikes

Blix Bikes makes some very nice riding Dutch-inspired electric bikes across a number of categories. From metro commuters to folders to cargo bikes, they’ve got a slick-looking collection.

In fact, the companies newest model known as the Dubbel is particularly interesting since it also has the ability to carry a second passenger on back.

I love when e-bikes can turn into multi-passenger vehicles since it greatly expands their utility as car-replacers.

Blix’s sale is taking up to $300 off many of the brand’s most popular models. Check it out before it’s gone!

blix dubbel electric bike
Blix Dubbel offers twice the fun with two riders!

Ampler Bikes

Don’t think we’ve only American brands taking part in the Black Friday festivities. Estonian e-bike maker Ampler also has some cash-saving deals going on now.

These high quality European-manufacturer e-bikes look great and ride even better!

I recently toured the company’s factory in Tallinn and saw just how they build these lightweight, sleek-looking e-bikes.

The company is having what looks like its best sale ever, taking $400 off the latest generation of it’s e-bike models and $500 off its previous generation bikes. These stealthy e-bikes definitely deserve a second look!

ampler stellar


Gocycle’s premium electric folding bikes combine exotic materials with sophisticated engineering from former McClaren designer and company founder Richard Thorpe.

I’ve tested multiple versions of Gocycle’s e-bike models over the years, but the Gocycle G4 is one of my favorites.

The bike is normally priced at $3,999 but has been discounted a whopping $1,000, bringing it down to just $2,199. For a premium e-bike like this, that’s a steal of a deal.

It isn’t going to compete on power or range compared to some of the massive folding e-bikes we’ve seen before, but it’s lighter, easier to ride, quicker to fold, and will likely last years longer.

Area 13

Shoutout to the folks at Area 13 who reached out to let us know that they’ve got some great Black Friday deals running too.

There are a pile of different e-bikes on sale with savings of up to $700, marking one of the steepest discounts we’ve seen so far.

In addition to e-bikes, the company also has a number of accessories and e-bike carrying racks on sale too. It’s all worth a look!


Speaking of scooters, if you’re on the hunt for a more traditional standing electric scooter, then you’ll want to check out the Black Friday Deals over at Miami-based FluidFreeRide.

There’s a bit of everything, from $450 lightweight commuter scooters to several thousand dollar high-speed and ultra-high power off-road and highway-capable scooters.

I’ve personally tested numerous scooters from FluidFreeRide and even visited the company’s headquarters to meet the team. Everything about the company I’ve seen has always been positive, so it’s a definite recommendation for anyone searching for an electric scooter deal right now.

Apollo Scooters

I had the chance to meet the Apollo team recently after having spent years testing their scooters.

From lighter commuters to all out speed machines, they have just about everything. They also put a ton of effort into ground up designs that pack in more innovation by eschewing off the shelf components in favor of custom scooter designs.

This year there are several deal to choose from on the company’s Black Friday Sales page, including chances to save hundreds of dollars on the Apollo Air, Apollo City, Apollo Ghost and more.

This is a sale you won’t want to miss!

There’s more to come!

It’s (obviously) still quite early, and so we fully expect more premature Black Friday sales to be announced.

We’ll be sure to update this post continuously as we find them, so it’s probably a good idea to check back regularly over the next few weeks.

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Democratic lawmakers accuse big oil companies of ‘greenwashing’




Democratic lawmakers accuse big oil companies of 'greenwashing'

Gas prices are displayed at an Exxon gas station on July 29, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Exxon and Chevron posted record high earnings during the second quarter of 2022 as energy stocks have faltered in recent months.

Brandon Bell | Getty Images

A pair of Democratic lawmakers on Friday accused the largest oil companies in the United States of “greenwashing” their public image and not doing enough to decarbonize fast enough to meet climate change targets.

Carolyn B. Maloney, chair of the U.S. House of Representatives’ main investigative committee, the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Ro Khanna, a member of the same committee and the chair of the Oversight Environmental Subcommittee, sent a 31-page letter on Friday to the rest of the members of the committee with the latest findings from their ongoing investigation into the fossil fuel industry.

Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and causes global warming. The Oversight Committee began its investigation into what it calls a “climate disinformation” campaign in Sept. 2021 and held a hearing with top executives from oil and gas giants on Oct. 28 of that year.

The letter is the latest installment in the committee’s bid to demonstrate that oil companies are not trying to reduce their CO2 emissions quickly enough, while obscuring their lack of participation.

“These documents demonstrate how the fossil fuel industry ‘greenwashed’ its public image with promises and actions that oil and gas executives knew would not meaningfully reduce emissions, even as the industry moved aggressively to lock in continued fossil fuel production for decades to come — actions that could doom global efforts to prevent catastrophic climate change,” the letter reads.

These efforts are particularly offensive, Maloney and Khanna said, because of the amount of money the biggest oil companies are making right now.

“The fossil fuel industry’s failure to make meaningful investments in a long-term transition to cleaner energy is particularly outrageous in light of the enormous profits these companies are raking in at the expense of consumers — including nearly $100 billion in combined profits for Exxon, Chevron, Shell, and BP in just the last two quarters,” the letter reads.

The letter also details ways in which the oil companies have made insufficient efforts to decarbonize their businesses, and points to internal documents that show how the companies are continuing to invest in fossil fuel production and increase output.

“Each of the companies has publicly pledged to reach ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” the letter reads. “However, experts have found that not one of the net zero pledges from BP, Shell, Exxon, or Chevron are aligned with the pace and scope of cuts necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and avert catastrophic climate change.”

The letter also points to documents that show how the industry is pushing natural gas as a long-term climate solution.

“In 2021, natural gas contributed to 34% of U.S. energy-related emissions and 22% of emissions globally,” the letter reads. “Documents obtained by the Committee show fossil fuel companies and lobbying groups seek to publicly position natural gas as a clean source of energy and part of the transition to renewables, even as the industry is privately planning for expanded natural gas production over the long term.” 

Burning natural gas results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than burning coal or other kinds of fossil fuels for the same amount of energy, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, but it still releases greenhouse gas emissions. Burning natural gas produces about 117 pounds of carbon dioxide per million British thermal units (a measure of heat). That’s compared with 200 pounds for coal and 160 pounds for fuel oil.

Equally critically, the production of natural gas results in leaks of methane all throughout the production process and methane is a greenhouse gas, too. It’s a different greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but still contributes to global warming.

Oil companies stand firm and deny allegations

The oil companies targeted in this investigation categorically deny the allegations made by the House Committee.

“The Committee’s fourteen month investigation, which included several hours of executive testimony and nearly a half-million pages of documents, failed on all fronts to uncover evidence of a climate disinformation campaign,” Curtis Smith, the media lead for Shell North America, told CNBC. “In fact, the handful of subpoenaed documents the Committee chose to highlight from Shell are evidence of the company’s extensive efforts to set aggressive targets, transform its portfolio and meaningfully participate in the ongoing energy transition.”

Exxon claims the House Committee lawmakers have been disingenuous in their representation of the oil company’s engagement.

“Our CEO has testified under oath on this subject during two all-day Congressional hearings before two separate committees, we’ve been in regular communication with the committee for over a year, and have provided staff with more than one million pages of documents, including board materials and internal communications,” Todd Spitler, corporate media relations senior advisor for Exxon, told CNBC.

“The House Oversight Committee report has sought to misrepresent ExxonMobil’s position on climate science, and its support for effective policy solutions, by recasting well intended, internal policy debates as an attempted company disinformation campaign. If specific members of the committee are so certain they’re right, why did they have to take so many things out of context to prove their point?”

The industry trade group, the American Petroleum Institute, says it is focused on both providing secure sources of energy and addressing climate change at the same time.

“Our industry is focused on continuing to produce affordable, reliable energy while tackling the climate challenge, and any allegations to the contrary are false.  The U.S. natural gas and oil industry has contributed to the significant progress the U.S. has made in reducing America’s CO2 emissions to near generational lows with the increased use of natural gas,” Megan Bloomgren, senior vice president of the American Petroleum Institute, told CNBC.

The API also pointed to the industry’s focus on developing carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen technologies.

“We are poised to be a leader in the next generation of low carbon technologies, including CCUS and Hydrogen — technologies widely recognized to be critical to meet the world’s emissions reduction targets.  API will continue to work with policymakers on both sides of the aisle for policies that support industry innovation and further the progress we’ve made on emissions reductions,” Bloomgren said.

Chevron declined to comment. In June, Chevron CEO Mike Wirth wrote an open letter to President Joe Biden saying that the oil company had produced the highest volume of oil and gas in its 143-year history in 2021. And Wirth pointed out that carbon emissions associated with segments of its oil and gas production was lower than global averages.

“At roughly 15 kg of CO2-equivalent per barrel, Chevron’s Permian Basin carbon intensity is some two-thirds lower than the global industry average. U.S. Gulf of Mexico production has carbon intensity just a fraction of the global industry average,” Wirth wrote. In the letter Wirth also said the oil company was investing $10 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, scale carbon capture and hydrogen technologies, and grow its renewable liquid fuels production. 

BP did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

How Exxon Mobil plans to meet the energy transition: Extended Interview with CEO Darren Woods

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GM’s Ultium battery plant votes overwhelmingly to unionize with UAW




GM's Ultium battery plant votes overwhelmingly to unionize with UAW

GM’s first Ultium battery plant in Lordstown, Ohio has voted to join the United Auto Workers, with 98% of workers voting in favor of union representation.

Ultium is GM’s battery joint venture with LG Energy. GM will establish at least four factories in the US to build the batteries for their upcoming EVs. Just today, GM announced an additional $275 million investment in the second plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The Lordstown/Warren plant in Ohio is already up and running, though, and producing batteries for GM’s current and upcoming EVs. The Hummer EV already uses Ultium batteries, and the Ultium-powered Equinox, Blazer, Silverado and Cadillac Lyriq are all expected in the next year. GM’s other current EV, the Chevy Bolt – which we just named Electrek’s EV of the year – does not use Ultium cells as it came out before Ultium was developed.

While US companies have largely relied on foreign-supplied batteries until now, the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act included measures to encourage onshoring of US EV production, which has led several companies to announce battery factories in the US. An early draft of the bill included an additional tax credit for union-built EVs, but that credit didn’t make it to the final bill.

Labor has been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in the US in the past year or two, as COVID-related supply disruptions and general levels of discontent among the populace have led workers to demand better treatment from employers. Several industries have seen surges in unionization efforts, which have also been aided by pro-union comments from President Joe Biden.

But US battery production has heretofore mainly been non-unionized, as the largest US battery producer, Tesla, does not have a union either for battery manufacturing or for auto production. There have been a few spurts of unionization efforts at Tesla’s plants, though they met retaliation from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and were not successful.

So today’s union vote at GM’s first battery plant was closely watched, as it could set the tone not only for GM’s electrification efforts, but labor in the US battery supply industry as a whole. A positive vote was expected, though perhaps not as near-unanimous as today’s 98% result.

UAW is eyeing battery factories as the industry transitions to electric vehicles, which have fewer parts and take less labor to build than traditional gas vehicles. This would lead to fewer workers required to build cars, though targeting battery workers could help buoy union membership.

The UAW released a short statement about the vote, stating:

Our entire union welcomes our latest members from Ultium. As the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles, new workers entering the auto sector at plants like Ultium are thinking about their value and worth. This vote shows that they want to be a part of maintaining the high standards and wages that UAW members have built in the auto industry.

Ray Curry, UAW President

One potential sticking point in today’s union deal relates to pay. Previously, GM has held the position that battery suppliers should command similar pay to other auto supply factories, around $20/hr, which is what Ultium hourly workers currently make. But mainline auto workers can be paid closer to $30/hour, and battery workers may argue that due to how integral the battery is to an EV, that they should be paid closer to final assembly line workers.

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Podcast: Electrek Car of the Year, Tesla bringing back radar?, FSD failure, and more




Podcast: Electrek Car of the Year, Tesla bringing back radar?, FSD failure, and more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. This week, we discuss the Electrek Car of the Year, Tesla potentially brining back the radar, Tesla admitting failure to bring FSD to market, and more.

The show is live every Friday at 4 p.m. ET on Electrek’s YouTube channel.

As a reminder, we’ll have an accompanying post, like this one, on the site with an embedded link to the live stream. Head to the YouTube channel to get your questions and comments in.

After the show ends at around 5 p.m. ET, the video will be archived on YouTube and the audio on all your favorite podcast apps:

We now have a Patreon if you want to help us to avoid more ads and invest more in our content. We have some awesome gifts for our Patreons and more coming.

Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast:

Here’s the live stream for today’s episode starting at 4 p.m. ET (or the video after 5 p.m. ET):

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