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Memorial Day is here, an occasion of profound remembrance and profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by our brave service members. To demonstrate our unwavering support and gratitude, BLUETTI is thrilled to introduce the Veterans and Military Purchase Program—an extraordinary initiative dedicated to honoring our active duty and retired military heroes.

From May 25th to 31st, eligible individuals can indulge in an astounding 10% additional discount on all products showcased on the official BLUETTI website, supplementing the existing promotions and offers. The process is effortless—simply select your desired power solutions on the esteemed BLUETTI platform, verify your military identity during checkout, and bask in the brilliance of unparalleled savings.

Amplify Your Memorial Day Outdoor Escapades

While Memorial Day serves as a poignant reminder, it also marks the advent of a summer filled with outdoor revelries; delightful barbecues, idyllic picnics, and thrilling adventures. BLUETTI’s durable power solutions are primed to elevate these experiences, rendering reliable and portable power accessible wherever and whenever you require it.


Unveiling the Portable Power Marvels: AC60 and EB3A

Embodying compactness and convenience, the AC60 and EB3A gracefully weigh in at approximately 20 lbs and 10 lbs, respectively. Ideal for light travels and brief excursions, these powerhouses effortlessly charge your smartphones, action cameras, mini-fridges, electric grills, and other small appliances during an enchanting camping sojourn. The remarkable IP65 rated AC60 can withstand water and dust, allowing it to thrive in diverse outdoor realms, from verdant rainforests to serene beaches. For an extra touch of outdoor versatility, pair the AC60 with the B80 expansion battery packs, scaling capacity to a hefty 2,015Wh. The AC60‘s introductory price can be combined with this exclusive offer for service members.


Unifying Capability and Portability: AC200P and AC200MAX

If you’re on a quest for a versatile emergency backup or camping companion, look no further than the remarkable AC200P and AC200MAX. Boasting power capacities ranging from 2,000Wh to 2,048Wh, these indomitable power stations channel 2,000W to 2,200W of sheer power, empowering your electric grills, blenders, televisions, coffee makers, mini-fridges, and beyond. Harnessing the sun, they ensure continuous power during your outdoor escapades with a max solar input capability of 700W to 900W. This will recharge the unit in 3 to 3.5 hours using the sun. The AC200P and AC200MAX can also serve as home backup power sources utilizing external battery packs. The B230 adds an extra 2,048Wh and the B300 adds 3,072Wh to any home or survival system. It should be noted that the AC200P only supports one B230 or B300 battery, while the AC200Max can connect up to two batteries of each for a max storage of 8,192Wh. 

BLUETTI AC500 & 300S

Power Unleashed: The Mighty AC300 and AC500 Series

For the discerning aficionados of off-grid living and unfaltering home backup, BLUETTI proudly presents the awe-inspiring AC300 and AC500 series. The impressive AC300 modular power station, stands tall with a 3,000W inverter, effortlessly accommodating one to four external B300 batteries, thus presenting an unyielding capacity from 3,072Wh to a staggering 12,288Wh, ensuring an enduring supply of power for your multi-day excursions.


Scaling greater heights, the AC500 carries 5,000W of sheer power, withstanding larger loads than the AC300 predecessor. The AC500 embraces compatibility with up to four B300 batteries, as well as the exclusive B300S battery, accommodating up to six units. This unparalleled capacity tips the scales at 18,432Wh. Also, by seamlessly connecting two sets of AC300+B300 or AC500+B300S, the power and voltage doubles into 240V Split Phase Bonding. Picture the AC500, its dominion expanding to an astounding 10,000W, while its capacity soars to an astonishing 36,864Wh. This amplified energy will readily double the energy of any device, unleashing unprecedented possibilities.

Both models proudly feature a seamless 24/7 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, offering a switching time of less than 20 milliseconds. This unwavering shield safeguards you against data loss and circumvents any inconvenience caused by unforeseen power outages.

Maximize BLUETTI’s Bountiful Offerings

Through the Veterans and Military Purchase Program, BLUETTI honors the invaluable contributions of our esteemed military personnel. Get ready for the Memorial Day weekend and provide reliable portable power to your adventures, bolstered by BLUETTI. Also, don’t miss out on the Refer a Friend Program, whereby you shall earn one BLUETTI buck for every dollar your friends spend, while they themselves enjoy a 5% discount. For further details, venture to


BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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Elon Musk says Tesla has a ‘performance Cybertruck’




Elon Musk says Tesla has a 'performance Cybertruck'

Elon Musk reveals that Tesla has a ‘performance Cybertruck’ – indicating that it could be one of the first versions of the electric pickup truck.

Tesla is on the verge of delivering the first Cybertruck.

Despite the automaker having produced likely hundreds of trucks and being about to start deliveries, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the electric pickup truck.

Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019 and announced specs and pricing at the time, but the automaker is known to update its vehicles significantly from prototype to production. On top of it, the auto market has changed a lot since then, and that is expected to completely change the prices that Tesla announced for the Cybertruck.

Those expected changes have led to speculation about which Cybertruck models are going to be available, when, and at what prices.

We have recently seen evidence that at least some of Tesla’s Cybertruck release candidates are dual-motor powertrain trucks, which is leading people to believe that it might likely be the first

Now CEO Elon Musk is now adding some information into the mix by saying on X that he recently drove a “performance Cybertruck”:

I just drove the performance Cybertruck today and it kicks ass next-level.

This means that Tesla currently has a “performance” version of the Cybertruck, which could mean it could be amongst the first versions to come to market.

Tesla has previously announced a tri-motor version of the Cybertruck with the following specs:

  • Tri Motor AWD with 500+ miles of range, 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed of 130 mph, and starting price of $69,900

That could certainly qualify as a “performance version”, but there have also been rumors of Tesla offering a potential quad-motor version of the Cybertruck, which could have even higher performance.

Tesla is expected to announce all the details of the Cybertruck at a delivery event, which could come within the next few weeks.

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This 100 MPH ‘street legal’ 2-seater electric race car from China looks pretty legit




This 100 MPH 'street legal' 2-seater electric race car from China looks pretty legit

Most of the fun and funky vehicles I manage to dredge up for the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week are big on weirdness but short on power. This time that seems to be reversed, as this electric race car is more wild than weird and comes with some seriously impressive performance.

This isn’t some slow crawling electric battle tank or ice-cream truck shaped like a VW bus. Those are more typical of this series on odd Chinese EVs, but this time we’re going all-in for extreme performance.

That means you’d better be ready to buckle in for speeds of up to 160 km/h (100 mph)! And based on some of these product photos, I wouldn’t mind buckling into the passenger seat for the first few rides.

Powering this little racer’s rear wheels is a 10 kW (13.5 hp) electric motor, which might not sound that powerful, but remember just how potent the low end torque from an electric motor is for rocketing off the line.

And since the entire vehicle only weighs 650 kg (1,433 lb), not to mention an extra 45 kg (100 lb) of cover girl model, there just isn’t that much mass here to be accelerated.

Plus the Chinese tend to rate motors with continuous power, not peak power. So there’s probably more kilowatts under the hood than we’re expecting. There’s no information on what kind of controller is powering that motor, but I’d wager that the peak power could be closer to 20 kW (27 hp).

There’s also a surprisingly large battery in this little racer, to the tune of 14.4 kWh. It’s a 96V pack built from LG lithium-ion cells and would give several American electric motorcycles a run for their money.

According to the vendor, it should be enough for 150 km (96 miles) of range per charge, though there’s no mention if that’s on a city street track or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Speaking of city streets, the company says that the vehicle is ECE certified and “can be legally driven on European streets”. I guess we’ll just have to take their word on that, unless someone wants to buy one of these and try it out themselves.

There’s no word on DOT-certification and so it’s likely not street legal in the US. But that might not stop someone from going full-‘Murica doing donuts in the local Krogers parking lot with their bald eagle riding shotgun.

If you want to get some skin in the game (eagle not included), it’s going to cost you a cool US $28,000. Or at least that would be the first payment. There’s no telling how much you’d have to fork over afterwards for ocean freight, import charges, taxes, and other add-on charges along the way.

But for anyone hoping to try their luck with the local European cops, it’s at least comforting to see that these vehicles seem to actually be in real production.

The vendor shared several images of what look like a sea of frames alongside several partially assembled race cars.

I’m not recommending anyone actually try to buy one of these from Alibaba. In fact, I’d probably recommend the opposite. Let’s just treat this as a fun window-shopping exercise.

But for the person who inevitably ignores my warnings (as many of my readers have been known to do) and plunks down some serious cash for one of these, let me know if and when it arrives. I will be there in a second to go for a ride with you!

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This EV fast charging station tells you when its power is at its cheapest and greenest




This EV fast charging station tells you when its power is at its cheapest and greenest

This DC fast charging station tells EV drivers when renewable energy is at its peak in the grid – and thus when charging prices are cheapest. 

The “Better Energy Charge” station in Sønderborg, Denmark, is owned by renewable energy company Better Energy. (It sits next to the company’s R&D solar park.)

What makes this charging station unique is its dynamic pricing model. It differs from traditional fixed pricing schemes because it incentivizes EV drivers with lower charging prices when renewable energy is at its peak on the grid.

The charging price, which is available the day before, follows the Danish energy spot prices. Similar to a gas station’s pricing signs, the EV charging station’s price board is visible from the road. (Why don’t all EV charging stations do this?)

“We want to encourage people to charge their cars when there is a lot of renewable electricity in the grid by making it cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing,” said Peter Munck Søe-Jensen, EVP of power solutions at Better Energy.

The Danish company feels its model helps drivers plan in advance to charge their EVs when energy is at its cheapest. And by charging EVs when solar and wind energy production is high, consumers can also increase the probability that it’s renewable, not fossil fuel-powered, energy.

What do you think of this model? Have you seen anything similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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